Yıldız Technical University Reality Lab focuses on the use of extended reality technologies in the fields of art and design. YTU Reality Lab is a research center for designers, artists, academicians, graduate and undergraduate students who are working in fields such as game, design, art, animation, 3D modelling, digital arts, social responsibility, cinema, photography, communication design, music, sound design, Turkish arts and fine arts via using virtual, augmented and mixed reality mediums. Our laboratory also supports projects to be realized within the framework of university and industry cooperation.

YTU Reality Lab is established within YTU Art and Design Research and Application Center. It is located at Davutpaşa Campus of Yıldız Technical University in Istanbul/Turkey. Our aim is to create new methods or content for  art and design fields for virtual, augmented and mixed reality platforms.

In our extended reality atelier where YTU Reality Lab studies are performed, the necessary infrastructures are provided to the people who want to work in these fields with virtual, augmented and mixed reality devices. XR training and research activities are necessary for the development of new storytelling forms and techniques. In our lab, all kinds of virtual, augmented and mixed reality related content are developed, created and supported.

Our Mission


Conduct research on the art and design applications of VR/AR/MR fields


Design new courses and teach AR/MR/VR to people from various backgrounds


Encourage collaboration between
industry and university